Project Yarnway

Last month I discovered a new group on Ravelry…Project Yarnway. Each month a theme is announced & we come up with a design based on that theme. Over the month we develop the idea & complete it…knit or crochet. The theme for February was Stash Happy. Create using materials in the stash.

“Hello, designers, and welcome to your first challenge!
Today your challenge is: using only yarn, hooks, needles, notions, and materials that you already own, create a design that expresses who you are as a designer. The materials in your stash already say something about you – now’s your chance to put them together and make something spectacular. There is no limitation on the type of object to be made in this challenge. From puppets to pullovers, it’s your call!”

As I’ve had a design published and for sale I am in the professional category….up against some stiff competition. 
Here is my entry for February:

Jamesina used just over one ball of the Superwash Bamboo I had in my stash, along with an old button out of my button box.

Jamesina is named after my grandmother (nanna). Nanna was the creative one in the family & I like to think that I take after her & that she would be proud of me. Just like her namesake, Jamesina is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, a little bit of fun, a whole lot of style.

This represents who I am as a designer in many ways:

the design just came to me, there was no swatching, I just grabbed the yarn that I thought would be nice & drapey and the needles I thought would give a nice drape and cast on – I like to think that nanna was there guiding me & lending a helping hand, when I finished I noticed there is a little ruffle/frill (around the button)…my last 3 designs now have ruffles/frills…. (maybe this is my niche/signature design feature)

Voting is open. I’m doing quite well in the votes with 30 so far. There is one outstanding design that is well out in front (& deserves to be) with a massive 44 votes. You can see that design over on Nikki’s blog.

The response to Jamesina has been favourable so I’m tweaking the pattern & testing it. I’ll let you know when it’s available for download.

Now to start thinking about the challenge for March:

The name of this challenge is Innovation.

(groans from the crowd)
Come on, you knew this was coming! It’s Project Yarnway! You may make any design of any type you like, but for your materials, you must use something not sold for the purpose of knitting or crocheting. Be creative. Look around. (Some materials are more easily adapted for these crafts than others, but as long as it is not sold to knit or crochet with, it is allowed.) The news is not all bad, though – around twenty percent of your design may be made with conventional materials AKA yarn.”