Project Yarnway Take 2

After the first month of the Project Yarnway went so well….no swatching, the hat just flowed from the needles, I should have known that the next challenge would be, well, more challenging.

I thought about the materials I could use for this challenge….raffia, wire, plastic cord, etc but kept coming back to tshirt fabric. I want the result to be something I will wear so I’m hoping the tshirt yarn will be soft enough, drapey enough and look really interesting.

I enrolled in an online class a few weeks ago with Stephanie Japel, “UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Class”. Part of the class was how to go about cutting up the shirts & making the yarn. I’ve been collecting a few shirts in preparation for starting one of the projects but hadn’t got around to it as yet. This challenge was the perfect opportunity to put into practice what I learnt from Stephanie about preparing the tshirt yarn for knitting. Apart from my blunt scissors and the mess of little bits of black fluff everywhere the cutting up bit wasn’t too bad. (I’ve only cut 1 shirt until I can buy some new scissors).

I thought I’d try a top down style. Just cast on and see what happens. Well first off I forgot to add stitches for sleeves; so after 4 inches or so I unpicked it all.

 Cast on again. Then, another 6 inches in, I realised the fabric was going to be too stiff. I was knitting on 8mm circulars……the next size I have is 15mm. A big jump I know but it doesn’t look too bad (4 rows in). It’s nearly midnight so I’m giving up for the night & hope the morning brings better results.