My Ray of Sunshine

I’ve used the Free Pattern Testers  group on Ravelry when I needed testers for both Arwen and Jamesina. I also recently held another test for Dual, a two piece cowl. I had one great tester for Dual but am not sure whether to release the pattern or not. I thought the concept was good (otherwise I wouldn’t have written the pattern), but maybe I was off on this one. I think I’ll reknit in worsted weight (& re-write the pattern based on this) and perhaps try again later in the year (when the northern hemisphere is getting colder weather & perhaps thinking about holiday gift knitting).

Anyway, because the Free Pattern Testers group has been invaluable to me I decided to ‘give something back’ and offer myself as a tester for someone. The test knit I was involved in was for Umme Yusuf’s Sunburst Cardigan. It was a great experience to “see” things from the other side. The pattern was well written and a really quick knit. I’m now the owner of a warm, well fitting cardigan.
One day I hope I’m in the position of being able to compensate my test knitters (great test knitters and tech editors are worth their weight in gold!); in the meantime I’ll use the Free Pattern Testers group, both as a designer & a tester.