from Sept 14, 2009: Started M5

M5 cable samples I’ve made a start on module 5. Here is a sample of my cable samples, still to be blocked & mounted. There’s lots more of these to be done. I think I’m going to really enjoy knitting the sample exercises for this module. In each module so far there have been things that I’ve enjoyed & others that I’ve “endured”. M5 looks to contain everything I really enjoy. The fibre study this module is Linen and boy did I learn a lot! I guess I’ve never really thought much about the process of making linen before. I knew it came from the flax plant & that was the limit of my knowledge. So that part of the module was interesting as well.

I ordered a new book from The Book Depository this month. The Essential Guide to Colour Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. I ordered the soft cover edition. It’s over 300 pages, about A4 size. I’ve just started to read through it but it looks good. Lots of great pics too. The contents are color basics (I found it interesting that the title of the book has colour spelt the British way but in the contents it’s spelt the US way), stripes, pattern stitches, multicolor yarns, stranded knitting, intarsia, other techniques,finishing touches, design workshop. Then there is the appendix that has a glossary of techniques, using charts, garment-sizing guidelines, abbreviations and symbols.
 Whilst waiting for the picture of the book to load I noticed that the swatches in most chapters are colour coded. So as well as learning a technique you can also see how different colours combine. For example, the chapter on stripes is in purples, pattern stitches is in greens, stranded knitting in blues, intarsia in gold/orange, other techniques in purple & green and finishing touches in pinks. Very nice.