from Sept 19, 2009: Day 1 Adrienne Sloane workshop

Today was day 1 of a 3 day workshop with Adrienne Sloane who has travelled from the Boston area in the US for workshops in Australia & New Zealand.

For me to attend it means leaving behind my family for the better part of 5 days, with a day by day list of what to do & when to do it, catching a flight to Sydney, then 2 trains & 1 taxi cab (& the reverse when I leave on Tuesday) and paying an exorbitant price for nearby accommodation. Luckily one of the other participants has offered to give me a lift to the workshop & back each day, other wise it would be more cab fares. But it’s worth it!

I get to spend 3 days with like minded people, being inspired by someone I had read about online & in books but never dreamed I’d ever meet or be touching her sculptural knit pieces in my own hands and being able to pick her brain on concepts & construction (returning each evening to a gin & tonic, a spa bath & someone else cooking my meals also has its benefits!).

Today, (after the usual introduction/tell us a bit about yourself & Adriennes talk about her background), we began by experimenting using “different linear elements”…..basically knitting with ‘stuff’ we normally wouldn’t knit with( I’ll get some pics up when I return home as I don’t have my camera cable etc with me.)

I was knitting with plastic tubing of various diameters, some tinselly ribbon tie, fishing line, video tape, different strings & twines, wire, raffia etc. We looked at a power point presentation of works by different artists who knit using some of these materials & who do sculptural knitting. There was a great display of books and other publications to look through…..a couple more to add to my wish list.

We looked at the construction of the knit stitch and what happens when we twist the stitch, different ways to knit a square were discussed & we practised a mitred square, moving stitches (cables), knitting backwards and short rows.

Tomorrow Adrienne’s plan is to venture into openings, slashings, protusions & ………..