from Aug 4, 2010: Slow & Steady Wins The Race… (I hope)

Working through the C&G exercises I am definitely not the hare! Progress through module 6 has been slow, but there has been some progress. I’d really like a week to myself …so I can immerse myself in it.
I’m finding I start with an idea & knit a sample then this leads me to think ‘ok, now what if…’ but before I can get too far down the creative path it’s time to return to my real life as mum & wife & employee. Then when I get back to it the process has to start again. I’ve found it helps to have a notebook handy & jot down ideas as they come to me, before they are lost forever. Doing this has helped my ideas to flow … just need my fingers to knit faster.
Monday is my dedicated C&G day and what other snippets of time I can find during the week. My plan is to ‘tackle’ the body block next Monday.

And a picture so this post isn’t totally boring 🙂