Joggles Time Again

3 years ago I was doing quite a few online classes through Joggles.

One class was an Art Quilt class taught by Jane LaFazio and I still have some of those little quilts.

I remember being very impressed with Jane at the time. Now Jane is teaching a Sketchbook and Watercolour: Journal Style class, again through Joggles and I’ve signed up. It’s been a while since I’ve done any online art classes…Instead I’ve been concentrating more on my knitting & designing. Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to learn more “art” type skills. My Saturday Beginner’s Drawing class has finished (I know, I still have more pics to take & post of my drawing from each week) & I’m waiting to hear if there is enough interest for them to run Part II next term. So, in the meantime I decided to check out the Joggles website again. I’ve got about  4 weeks before class starts so I’d like to finish up module 6 of the KDO C&G course before then, and I have a skirt design I’d like to get out of my head & either onto the needles or onto paper soon.