Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae Roberts is an artist I’ve admired for a while now. I love her whimsical style and have watched her develop over the last few years, both in her creative talent and in pursuing her business. Kelly Rae was determined to make a name for herself and she has. I recently purchased one of Kelly’s e-books (yes, I was wondering if it’d be value for money) and wasn’t disappointed. I’d looked at her e-books before and decided not to buy…but the little voice in my head kept leading me back. I’m glad I decided to listen.

 There is so much information packed into the e-book, over 200 pages of information, hints and tips. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, the wealth of information and not knowing where to start and how much to do…but Kelly guides you through this as well. The beauty of having the e-book is that I can go back to it any time I want…whenever I need to refresh my memory of something or need a boost of motivation to keep going.  Even though Kelly and I are creative in different ways, I’ve been able to take what Kelly has to say & think how I can apply it to my business. I’m so impressed I decided to join Kelly’s affiliate program…that’s why you see a link to Kelly’s site on my sidebar (yes I get a few dollars if you click through using this link and then decide to purchase but I’d be recommending the e-book regardless).