Art : in the eye of the beholder

Lately I’ve been wanting to do more art classes. There’s nothing local that interests me & is available when I am, so I’ve turned to online classes. I’ve done art classes online before & found they have their advantages & disadvantages (just like anything else). Not having to dress up & travel to class, then try & be creative when I just don’t feel like it. On the flip side, there’s no-one to make sure I keep up with the lessons & do my homework either. Most of the time I’m pretty self-motivated, so the pros outweigh the cons. They must, because at the moment I’ve found myself signed up (& participating) in a few classes. 3? 4?
Don’t worry, I’m still knitting & doing a bit of designing. I’m hoping to get module 6 of the Knit Design Online course completed on the weekend ready to send off early next week. Module 7 means working on my first assessment piece & have an idea I’m keen to get started on.

But now for art.
As well as the Sketchbook & Watercolor: Journal Style class with Jane LaFazio through Joggles, I’m also doing the Paint Free class with Wyanne. It’s all about discovering your own style. Wyanne has had the class try a few different things over the last couple of weeks. Here’s my latest exercise (make of it what you will)