Blog Revival?

When I first started blogging it was a place to keep track of the freeform handbags I was knitting and any other projects. Then Ravelry came along & provided a one stop shop for my projects, WIPs, UFOs, stash, queue, etc. The blog got neglected a bit.

Once I started down the design road the blog suffered even more. It became difficult to blog about everything I cast on. What if I wanted to submit the design for publication? Anything appearing on the blog was disallowed. What if my attempt at a new design was yet another failure? So the blog developed into a place to let you know when a new design was released. Short, irregular posts.

I miss my old blog.

Let me know what you think………… what do you want to see here?

In the meantime I decided to revive the blog, try & post more often, more regularly. But what to post about?
I’ve joined a group on Ravelry, The Blog Hub, hoping to get motivated, get some tips & inspiration for interesting posts and, as a bonus, find some new & interesting blogs to follow.