F is for … Finish, Frog or Flick!

I used to be a monogamous knitter. I suppose this was before the days of Ravelry & other online sites that showed us daily just what was available to us. Ooh shiny!
Or sometimes I’d just cast on to see if I liked how it was knitting up, only to find that “meh” it wasn’t quite right. But I didn’t always have the heart to frog it, just in case.
I’ve decided it’s time to go through my UFOs (unfinished objects), WIPs (works in progress), PhDs (projects half done) … whatever you want to call them & make some tough decisions.
It’s time to Finish, Frog or give it the Flick!

First up is the Weekend Getaway Satchel. This Mary Poppins bag came to my attention in 2005. Yep 6 years ago! I ordered yarn from the US, along with the hardware for completing the bag.

       frog, finish, flick 005

An easy knit? Yes. And I still love the bag but I didn’t enjoy the knitting, and so I never finished.
This project was taking up a whole wire basket/drawer in my craft room……time for it to be finished, frogged or given the flick.

I had completed (knit & felted) the back and side gussets. I’d also knit the 2 long red straps, they were waiting patiently to be felted. I had knit more than half of the intarsia front.

   frog, finish, flick 004

So what has stopped me from finishing?

  • this yarn sheds like crazy

      frog, finish, flick 003

  • I knit at night, in front of the TV. Because of the shedding this is best knit outside with a  towel over my lap.
  • I got rid of my old washer that felted so well and replaced it with a more gentle water saving machine. I don’t know if I could have felted the straps & front to match the back & gussets.
  • I wish I’d known more about knitting & felting/fulling before I started this project. I hate how it is knit separately, felted separately & then stitched together.

The verdict:  FLICK!

Being practical I was never going to finish this, I couldn’t frog the felted pieces & didn’t want to deal with frogging the intarsia-yarn-shedding-like-crazy front piece. I’ve kept the hardware (feet, buckles etc), I’m donating the yarn and the rest … disappeared. Feels good. (Wonder what’s next on the finish, frog or flick list?)