G is for … Groups

Groups on Ravelry that is.

I love Ravelry for so many reasons. I’ve learnt new things, met new people from all over the world, knit designs I probably would never had known about otherwise, watched 100s (if not 1000s) of other people knit a design gone viral (thinking Clapotis, February Lady Sweater etc here), got my first designs published and watched in excitement as others actually knit what I had put out there.

One of the great things about Ravelry are all the different groups. There must be a group for everybody & everything. I quickly joined groups that had some interest for me & became involved in the group for some time. The amount of time I gave each group soon became apparent & I organised my groups accordingly. I had group tabs that read “everyday”,  “nearly everyday”,  “not so often” along with “Australian”,  “designing” and “spinning”

Although not as much a groupie as some others, I did belong to well over 100 groups at one point. Much too many to be involved in.

A recent comment (along the lines of: you should have known about this because you belong to “…” group) caused me to look at my participation in my groups. Well, yes I do belong to that group (along with 100+ others) but um no, I didn’t know about …. because I’m not an active member… oops.

So I’ve left quite a number of groups. I’m hoping that now belonging to only 29 groups (this could change anyday) will make me a more responsible group member.

How do others handle all their Ravelry groups?

And a couple of photos, because every good blog post needs a picture.

then & now