A Year of Projects

It seems like ages ago that I enrolled in the City & Guilds Hand Knit Textiles course. I have 12 modules to complete and am currently working on module 8 (as well as finishing off the first assessment piece, due in module 7). My goal is to finish the course within the next 12 months. Achieveable, and necessary, to meet the requirements. But I am behind schedule….I really should have completed module 9 by now.

So,….in order to achieve my goal I have committed to the Year of Projects being held on Ravelry in the Come Blog-A-Long group. Other people in the group have chosen to complete a list of projects from their queues, to work through a particular pattern book or some other list of projects. I’ll be working my way through the remaining 4 & a bit modules and the four assessment pieces. Wish me luck.