Fringe Tutorial

I’m going to be adding a fringe to the bottom of the garment body. I want to cut my yarn into lengths that are at least double what the finished fringe length will be. In this case I am cutting 9″ lengths.

And because I want 10 ‘ends’ to each fringe, I will cut 5 lengths.

Next I’m going to gather these lengths together & fold them in half.

I’m using a 4mm crochet hook for this fringe. Use whatever size suits your yarn. The hook will need to be small enough to insert into the garment but large enough to pull all the yarn ends through.
Insert the crochet hook from the inside of the garment to the right side, either just under the bind off edge or in the first row.

Place the middle of the yarn lengths over the hook

and pull them through, but not all the way. Just out enough so you have a loop big enough to pull the tails through.

OK, gather up the tails over the end of the crochet hook

and pull all the ends through the loop on the hook

pull them all the way through and remove the hook

hold the garment close to where the fringe is inserted with one hand. Use the other hand to pull the tails through the loop and snugly into place.

Don’t pull too tight. You may need to pull on individual tails to adjust it so it lays smoothly.

Add more fringing as desired around the body. Once all the fringing is on, hold up the garment & give it a light shake to straighten the fringe. Some ends may need a little trim if they are very uneven.