A Change

Well the weather has certainly changed. The last few days were very summer-like…warm &, well, sunny. I guess the change was summer-like as well … we had a thunderstorm overnight that continued early this morning.

The temperature is definitely cooler today (but it’s only 7.30 am & the sun is making the effort to “try” and peak through the clouds, so here’s hoping.)

The other change is in my post subject, back to knitting.

Here is the (what I thought) was the last board of blocking lace swatches, but I decided last night to knit one more … working on scale, so that’s not shown here. My plan is to block that last one today & then get them mounted/labelled during the week.

The latest homework for the Supplies Me! class is a watercolour/mixed media page.. I’ve done the watercolour but that’s as far as I’ve got. I’m not sure whether I’ve gone too far with the face or not far enough, but I’m not completely happy with it yet.