Finish or Frog??

I finished the mini KAL “Oh Delilah” and am really pleased with how the shawlette/scarf turned out. It’s purple & fringey! …. and has a nice drape

 I think this is part of the problem I’m having with the mystery KAL … I’m not sure it’s drapey enough. The yarn is really nice, it’s the Coffee House kit colourway from Studio June.

 But I’m not sure how I feel about the pattern, and I think it’s lack of drape is a big part of this. I don’t know whether to keep going with the KAL (since this photo I’ve completed Clue #2 and am ready to start Clue #3), put it aside & see how some finished ones look in a few weeks or just frog it & move on.

What do you think?