What Do You Call A Group of Frogs??

I’ve decided that it is OK to frog, not one but 2 projects. Funny (ironic?) but they are both Mystery KALs & both shawls (which I don’t really wear) … hmm maybe I should have known better.
Anyway the first to hit the frog pond was Tuck …. I wasn’t feeling the love for this project. I didn’t like the (lack of) drape & going up a needle size may/may not have been the answer to that issue, but I just didn’t really like the design.

The second project is the Stephen West Mystery KAL shawl, Earth & Sky. I was hesitant to frog this because so many people were taking part in the KAL, so many people love Stephen West designs (I do too, just not this one). It was only on the way to work this morning listening to a podcast that I realised it was OK to frog this. The podcaster was saying that she too had signed up for the mystery KAL, after all it was Stephen West, over 2000 knitters can’t be wrong can they??? Then she too realised that she didn’t like this design & if she’d seen it first would never had started knitting it. I realised that I felt the same way.

I’ll just need to find another project for this gorgeous yarn.