Undulating Leaves

You might think that after my last post I wouldn’t be participating in any more knit-a-longs, especially for shawls. Wrong.
I think I first saw the Undulating Leaves shawl on the Artyarns facebook page. I found the first part of the pattern via the link in Ravelry. Basically this knit-a-long requires that you use Artyarns yarn and post a pic of part 1 finished before December 31 (part 1 only takes an hour or so). After you complete each part & post a photo on your ravelry project page then iris will send a link to the next part.
I had to order the yarn from overseas as I couldn’t find a supplier here in Australia. I nearly didn’t bother as the postage that some US stores were going to charge for one skein of yarn was ridiculous!
Part 1 is now complete:

The yarn is super soft. The photo doesn’t really show it but there is a fine silver thread as well as the mohair & silk. The mohair is so delicate that it doesn’t seem to be bothering me at all (not like some mohair yarns in the past) but I’m being extra careful not to make any mistakes, as it’s grabby enough to make ripping back a bit tricky (ask me how I know). Mohair & silk …. super soft & light, even though it knits to a DK.

I’m keen to get started on part 2 but there is a little matter of some bookwork to be done first, more knitting/designing on the interior assessment piece for my C&G course and some sketching for my landscape painting (we’ve started having an art lesson one lunchtime at work, so I’ve got homework to do).