Exciting News

A couple of months ago I started this project:

(which by the way is not finished) and I may have lamented here or elsewhere on the high cost of shipping one skein of gorgeous yarn to Australia. I couldn’t find this yarn in Australia so had to find an online source. One place wanted to charge me around $50 (for postage on top of the yarn cost)! Of course I could have looked for a substitute but I wanted to try this yarn. I found somewhere that was  more reasonable (but still not cheap) & ordered.
Then I got thinking…….it’s a shame that more yarns are not available here in Australia, then we wouldn’t have to pay exhorbitant shipping costs. I understand shipping & postal costs have to fund wages, fuel etc. I just don’t like having to pay them, especially for one skein/ball of yarn.
At the same time I was also considering a couple of stores that were for sale (not yarn related businesses at all) but it wasn’t quite right. The economy isn’t great for a bricks & mortar store of most kinds….it would be tough to just break even.
Can you see where this is headed?
Yep, all my thoughts came together and I knew I had to open an online store! Beautiful yarns from around the world, here in Australia.
Anyone who has started a business from scratch knows just what is involved, both timewise & financially. My goal is to have yarns that no-one else in Australia stocks, that’s the whole point of my business. My first orders have started arriving. I need to get photos taken & get everything uploaded onto the website. I need to organise postal bags & packaging.
The next few weeks are busy ones for me, both for my new business & also for other personal things that are scheduled (like having a birthday with a zero on the end, visiting family & going away for a mini break with the girls! & throw in a hospital stay as well) so I’m planning on the grand store opening being sometime in mid April. I’m also waiting on more stock so I’m flexible.
It will be a small start as I’m funding this from my savings & I want to see if others share the same vision as me. Hopefully it will be a success & there will be more yarns available at reasonable cost to us here in Australia.