Beyond The Stick Figure

“Hope and encouragement for anyone who has ever wanted to be creative”

That’s the tagline on the front cover of this new book.

A simple sentence that means so much. This book by my artist friend , Karin Taylor, does deliver hope and encouragement but it also provides a visual feast for the eyes. I am amazed at Karin’s generosity in including as much of her artwork as she has. There are dozens of images throughout the book.

Karin is a successful artist whose work is currently available at Red Bubble:

In this book Karin acts as a mentor, sharing her own creative journey from simple stick figures to the elaborately detailed scenes she creates today. She talks about the four gifts, about passion, observation, daydreams, frustration, patience and mistakes, tips, research, procrastination and more.
As Karin points out, this book is written using her own experiences as an artist who paints & draws, but the messages contained in each chapter could easily apply to those of us who wish to be creative in any genre/medium.

I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy of the ebook but after looking at a “real” copy and seeing the preview over on Blurb I just had to get my own.
 You can see an extensive preview of the book here: