Check Your Compass Bearing

This morning whilst laying in bed, deciding whether to get up or stay for a few minutes longer, I had a whole blog post “written” in my head…and it sounded pretty good with fully formed sentences that actually made sense & flowed from one thought logically to the next. Huh! It’s now disappeared.

The gist of this post was to get some ideas straight in my head & a plan to where I’m headed.

A few recent events have made me stop & take stock. I realise I am human, I’m here for a limited time (that I’m pretty certain is already predetermined) and if I want to do something then I should take steps to make it happen. What’s that saying?….we’re here for a good time, not a long time?

Wow that sounds really deep (& slighty morbid).

Don’t worry nothing dreadful has happened, I’ve just been thinking & reading & growing & changing I guess. I don’t like the term midlife crisis. I regularly have re-evaluations of my life & they’re not a crisis. I think it’s important that we stop every so often & check the path we are on. Ask ourselves whether the destination in front of us is really where we want to go. Take a detour maybe & see what’s on this other path.

So, what’s changed/changing?

After months of deliberation I have finally withdrawn from the C & G handknit design course. Great course that I highly recommend, with an amazingly talented tutor, who has taught me a lot about knitting and about design (but for me, at this time, it is no longer a good fit).

I’m getting rid of stuff, (like the books in my last post) that are no longer relevant in my life.

I’m knitting more one off items for my etsy store.

I’ve opened my online yarn shop and my customer base is slowly growing.

I’m posting more on the yarnaboutyarn facebook page.

I’m planning/dreaming/hoping to go to France next year for a knitting workshop of some kind. I’d like recommendations of a great centrally located Parisian hotel for my first day or two where I also want to do an organised tour. Then it’s off to the knitting part (probably in the south of France). I’m travelling alone, have never been to Europe before & don’t speak French so any/all help gratefully accepted.

I’m reading the $100 Startup and thinking about Mondo Beyondo.