Rainy Sunday

(sigh) another rainy Sunday here. The weather has been very wet (& cold) here the last few weeks. It IS the middle of winter but I feel like we’ve had more colder days than we normally do and it’s not supposed to rain every day.

So, what’s been happening?

Looking back at previous posts:

I listed on ebay & sold 4 of the Fashion books. There are still 3 sitting here waiting for me to take photos & figure out postage etc.

I never did finish reading the $100 startup (but will). I got invited to join a book club so all my reading time has been devoted to that. We’re reading Don’t Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I’m really enjoying this book & I think by being part of a book club it will make me aware of more themes, character development etc that I’d normally not think too much about when reading.

I’ve found a few options for the France trip. One is a sort of local company who is running their first knitting workshop/retreat in France very soon. I’m hoping it all goes well & that they’ll repeat the experience next year. My preference would be to support the locals but also I’m sure they’d have great advice regarding travel to France from Australia. I guess ultimately it will come down to a combination of price, dates & content.

The online store is slowing growing. I’m adding to the stock & seeing what sells & what doesn’t. The store is set up to sell & post (for free) within Australia. However, if you’re overseas & would like to purchase just let me know what you’d like & where you are so I can get a shipping quote worked out. (Most times I don’t think it would be cost effective for international customers as postal costs from Australia are not cheap & the yarns I carry are imported here from the US, UK & Asia but you never know)
 Most of the updates about the store are found in the newsletter or on the Facebook page. You can sign up for the newsletter here. You can find the Facebook page here. Most weeks there is a sale of some kind & the details will be on the Facebook page and/or in the newsletter.

Here’s a glimpse at the website homepage (you can search by brand or yarn weight):