Yount Street Glass

I can’t remember how or when I first saw the pictures on Facebook of the shawl pins crafted by the girls from Yount Street Glass. I did know that I needed to have them in my store. I loved the whole idea of recycling to produce them, and they were different and beautiful.

I asked Kay & Cindy for their story:

“The story as I see it- wrttten by Cindy, but Kay attests to this-

It was really sort of a joke when I posted of FB that Yount Street Glass was the “Number One Shawl Pin Producer in Napa Valley”.
Kay and I started this small business making jewelry out of wine bottles. We slice the bottles, like a loaf of bread, put them in a kiln for about ten hours and they turn into beautiful tempered pieces. We take the bottles from the local wineries- and sell them back as jewelry- they sell them in their tasting rooms. Works great.

So, we had the earring thing down-it is cut from the neck of the bottle. We made bangles from the body of the bottles, but the shoulders were recycled….
UNTIL we went to a party and met Teresa Brooks-Huddleston- who is a knitting guru and all around good person. She asked us if we made shawl pins. “What is a Shawl Pin?” we asked. A circle drawn on a cocktail napkin and voila- YES we make those! We never knew what to do with them…
now we are “The Number One Shawl Pin Producer in Napa Valley!” 

So Christine finds us via Teresa on FB- and now we go International- AND Christine says, “What about custom buttons?” Now, Kay and I have heard of buttons- so we are more than half way there…”Christine’s Buttons are coming to Australia soon!”

I’m so excited at the prospect of having Yount Street Glass buttons available in the store! In the meantime you can find the shawl pins in a variety of colours on the website.