Arwen Kits in store

Ever since releasing the pattern for the Arwen skirt I have been asked whether I have readymade skirts for sale or if there is a kit available.

The good news is that kits are being added to the store. Currently there is a kit available in the original “rainbow” colours. The kits contain the pattern and enough yarn to knit either the size 2, 4 or 6.

I’m also experimenting with other colours and there will be a pink combo ready to list in the next couple of days. Purple is on the needles too. If there is a colour that you would like to see ( or if you want kits made up in the larger sizes – the original pattern is written for sizes 2 to 10) please leave a comment & let me know.

New pattern releases this month: Arktikos.

Arktikos is a womens poncho knit in the round from the top down, just in time for the Northern Hemisphere winter.