What’s New

Having 2 weeks off work I’m hoping to catch up on some rest & relaxation.

My Christmas gift to myself arrived this morning (a ChiaGoo Interchangeable Needle Set), bringing the number of interchangeable needle sets that I now own up to ……. um, quite a few. So I thought perhaps I should go through each set & do a little review, let you know what I do & don’t like about each one. I’ll start these reviews soon.

I found time to photograph some new yarns & get them uploaded to the store. I sourced these yarns after a customer asked about cottons & cotton blends. As I’m not a huge fan of knitting with cotton I hadn’t had any in stock and so went looking for some that were super soft to knit with.

So now I’m stocking a 70% bamboo/30% cotton sportweight, a 80% cotton/20% milk fibre DK weight and a 100% cotton in worsted weight.