DIY Hat Display

In preparation for an upcoming craft fair I decided I would make a range of hats. This means I need something to display them on. I googled around and came up with options for purchasing diffferent hat stands/displays but none were cheap. I decided I could make my own.

First, the stand: these I sourced from the local cheap shop. Look for paper towel or toilet roll holders.

A trip to the local craft store for styrofoam balls & I was all set.

I used a sharp knife to cut a slit an inch or 2 deep (depends how much of the stand you want to embed) and about an inch long. I cut along the seam line and made them differing depths so the hat stands would be different heights.

Then it’s just a matter of pushing the paper towel/loo roll holder into the slit. I didn’t bother with any glue and I didn’t paint/cover the styrofoam balls.

All it needed was a hat!

I’ve made a few more stands, now to make more hats……………

If you like the look of the hat, it’s a free download on Ravelry :