Dealing With Criticism

As a creative person who posts photos on the blog, on Facebook and sells on etsy I’m open to criticism. I understand that not everything I do will appeal to everyone. Rather, I think that I have a fairly select customer.

It’s not everyone who has the confidence to wear something full of colour & texture. A lot of the time I myself don’t, although I do love the look of colour & texture. And I think it’s like art ….. not everyone likes a particular artwork, or you might appreciate the talent/skill that went in to creating it but wouldn’t have it hanging on your wall at home.

So, how to deal with criticism? I had to do this recently.
I post photos on Facebook, either sharing what I’ve been up to or sharing the work of others that I find inspiring in some way.

This was a recent photo I shared:

Comments were left, mostly positive (love it!, fabulous! etc) but one wasn’t. The comment was only the lines of … that’s the UGLIEST thing I have EVER seen. My initial reaction was …. ouch! that hurts. You see, I took it personally (big mistake).

Luckily I took a step away from the computer before I typed a response & thought about how I could handle it. Yes I could say to this person that you hurt my feelings, how dare you etc. But I decided that the best thing I could do was to learn from this, after all everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I realised that this comment was not directed AT me, that the comment was made to a thing. I may have created this ‘thing’ but it wasn’t me. I responded asking what it was that people either liked or disliked about this design. I got some very useful feedback (although not from the original commenter who deleted her remark).

So, yes please leave an honest comment on my facebook/blog posts but do remember there is a real person behind the scenes. Make your criticisms helpful, add some feedback on what you do like about something as well as the negatives and if you’re one of the people that LOVE this jacket- well, it’s for sale in the etsy shop