Interchangeable Knitting Needles – another review

The next needle set in the Interchangeable Knitting Needles review series is the Hiya Hiya 5″ Sharp Steel Interchangeables which I purchased from a destash on Ravelry. This is the “small” set (US#2-8, 2.75-5mm). There is a “large” set which has sizes US#9-15, 5.5-10mm. Bamboo tips are also available.

This set comes in a lovely brocade fabric case, closed by a traditional looking knot & loop.

The top flap unbuttons to reveal another fabric flap (that covers the 7 needle tips) & a zippered pocket (that houses the rubber grips used for tightening the tips onto the cables).

There is another zippered pocket on the back of the case which contains the 4 nylon cables. The cables make needle sizes of 18″, 26″, 34″ and 42″.

This set contains needles in the following sizes: 2.75mm,  3.25mm,  3.50mm,  3.75mm,  4.00mm,  4.50mm  &  5.00mm.  So, probably not fine enough for some but perfect for general knitting.

And there are extra spaces sewn in to allow for extra tips to be stored (these can be purchased separately, along with spare cables).

Both the needles tips and the cables have the sizes printed on them, although I found it difficult to read the size on the needle tips.
The tips, which are pointy, are very lightweight which I found I didn’t like at first, but soon got used to the weight difference, although I do prefer a heavier feeling needle.
The cables are flexible, the screw in join is smooth and it is a swivel join. This means the cable doesn’t work loose from the tips as you are knitting.
A quick google search reveals these sets are readily available (at least to order online) in Australia, for around $88. Recommended.