Are You A ‘Knitter’ or ‘Someone Who Knits’?

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first ever craft fair (as a vendor not a customer).

One of the more popular items was my Flamenco Mobius. I had it available for sale in every possible way: pattern (the cheapest option, great for those that had their own stash of leftovers from other projects or special bling type yarn they wanted to showcase), starter kits (for those that needed a helping hand in choosing a colour palette to go with) or finished items (for the non knitters or if you just couldn’t be bothered making your own).


One of the organisers asked me what it was & I said that it was a Mobius cowl. She stopped me there and said that people wouldn’t understand that term. I assumed she meant the word Mobius, so I explained that it was a cowl with a twist. No, no, they won’t understand “cowl”.  Oh.

Later I thought about this & about how much I use terminology/jargon that is peculiar to knitting/crochet (not that I think the word cowl is reserved just for knitting).
Up until that point, the majority of my knitting experience/interactions have been online, and especially in forums like Ravelry. Here, everyone talks “knitterspeak”. It got me thinking that I may have to change my approach if I’m going to be doing more of these craft shows/markets where I get out to meet the general public, and that ‘people who knit’ are not necessarily knitters.

Are you a knitter? or are you someone who knits?