Rebecca Part 3

How is everyone going? I’d love to see some photos or links to your projects!

I’ve had some questions about increasing evenly on a round – here’s a link that you might find helpful :

(**Please note that corrections have been made to the previous section that I posted……..please check that you have the latest instructions.)

Now, let’s get on with our Rebeccas:

Change to pink.

Round 1 : *K1, slip 1 with yarn in front* repeat till end of round

Round 2: *slip 1 with yarn in front, k1*  repeat till end of round

Round 3:  as round 1

Round 4: as round 2

Round 5: as round 1

Round 6: knit

Repeat last 6 rounds with orange.

Repeat last 6 rounds with red.

Rebecca Part 3

Fibonacci Stripes:

Knit 1 round pink

Knit 1 round green

Knit 2 rounds yellow

Knit 3 rounds purple

Knit 5 rounds pale pink, increasing 2 sts (72 sts)

Knit 8 rounds purple

Knit 13 rounds orange.

Haven’t heard of Fibonacci before? It’s really cool and makes a great stripe sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is found everywhere in nature, so why not in your knitting!