I Can’t Tell You….

It can be frustrating when, as a knitter who blogs, I have secret knitter’s business that I can’t tell you about. It makes for a very boring blog!

So for now all I can say is that testing is under way & I’m super excited as it will be my first collaborative project with other designers!!

I’m also involved in a super secret yarny project – all will be revealed in about 6 months.

Typically when a new year starts and I’ve had a break from my regular 9 to 5 (paying the bills) job and am feeling refreshed, I start itching to “do something”, I have an urge to clear out stuff & start new projects.

So first it was my wardrobe. I used a few days off to actually catch up on the backlog of my ironing. Boring I know but I love the feeling that having these mundane jobs completed gives me. Anyway as I ironed more & more and moved clothes from the laundry basket to the wardrobe something became clear. I didn’t have enough clothes hangers & my wardrobe was full – mostly stuff I don’t wear & (I hate to say this) things I have never worn.  I pulled everything out that was not going to be worn any time soon. 3 bags went to the thrift store and about 40 items have been listed on ebay. Feels great to have cleared that clutter! And I might make a few dollars.

silver sleeve

Next is my craft room/studio. Ha ha I wish I could call it a studio! Sounds so much more professional, like I’ve got my sh*t together….but it’s really a spare bedroom that I’m lucky enough to claim as mine. I’ve set up a couple of tables, my sewing machine, a bookcase crammed full of crafty magazines & books, baskets of yarn etc. I also have a mound of unfinished projects in there that I would love to be able to say that I will get through sometime this year … we’ll see.

loom 2

First though was my rigid heddle loom that has been warped for over 12 months in a variegated pink wool. I even had a box of yarns, ribbons & wool roving that I had planned on using as the weft.





This is one unfinished project that I know won’t take too long. I’ve started the weaving and hope to be finished soon. Just don’t expect to see perfect weaving technique, not with this group of supplies. My preferred weaving is a lot like the one off garments I produce….more freeform, see where the yarn takes me. I like weaving and having bits poking out, knots, unusual materials, something that can’t be reproduced. There’s even a bit of bling in there…did you spot it?

pink yarn

How’s your new year shaping up? Any crafty resolutions?