Pom Poms!

I remember my mother showing me many years ago how to make pom poms with 2 cardboard circles that had their centres cut out. Effective but fiddly.

I’m finding myself needing to make a number of largish pom poms and the thought of cutting out all those cardboard circles, trying to work out what size to cut the centre and then threading yarn through the centre hole and around & around just makes my eyes glaze over.

I remember reading about Clover pom pom makers so checked my local big box stores, but nothing there. So I turned to Amazon. I’m not entirely sure what size pom poms I will need so I ordered the extra large and the large (which is a pack containing 2 different sizes), so now I can make 3 sizes of pom poms. I’ve tried out the extra large and am super pleased with my pom poms that are over 11cm in diameter! These pom pom makers make it really easy to achieve a nice plump pom pom & they are very quick to whip up.

pom pom

I can see a lot of pom poms in my future!