Process or Product? (part 2)


Part 1 of these posts resulted in quite a few comments over on Facebook. One in particular really resonated with me:

“awww gosh.  Isn’t it about the journey of the making that brings such joy?  From the squishing of the yarn in the shop, to the bringing it home and squishing it again, then the knit/crochet process, to the final cast off.  *ahhhhhh* the bliss!”

That describes exactly why I knit. It’s the journey, the process, not so much the finished item. I AM a process knitter.

When people find out I’m a knitter, especially a knitter with a yarn store, they usually say something like: “oh you must have a lot of  hand knitted cardigans/jumpers/(fill in the blank here)”. Um, no I don’t. And I’ve been knitting for many years so why don’t I? It took me a while to realise why I don’t.

A lot of what I make I give away or I sell. I rarely keep anything for me. Often I know full well that the item I am knitting is not going to suit my particular body shape, or is not suited to our local weather conditions, etc. So why spend time (& money) making it?

I enjoy the process!

It may be a particular stitch pattern, be from a designer I admire, use a fabulous yarn I’ve been wanting to try or any number of other reasons. As long as I am enjoying the making I’m not too focused on the destination.

This doesn’t mean I am never disappointed when the finished item doesn’t meet my expectations. I may be a process knitter but I still want a successful end product….whether for me or someone else.

Confused? It took me a while to come to grips with the WHY of my knitting. Basically I am a process knitter but I don’t go out of my way to waste my time…I still want a happy ending.

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