Off The Needles

At the beginning of the year I made a secret New Years Resolution (just to myself). Not really a resolution, but more of a …”this is what I’d like to accomplish this year” kinda thing. And like a lot of New Year Resolutions that were made this one hasn’t really succeeded.

You see, I had this grand plan that I was going to go through my stash, pull something out, publicly blog about it and use it! Yes actually knit something from my stash. Get rid of my stash. Sounds horrible, but it’s more like make use of my stash, instead of having it buried away, suffocating in plastic bags and plastic tubs.

But I’d obviously forgotten the reasons why I have never done this in the past – life.

I work 2 jobs, plus my online yarn business, plus trying to design knitting patterns.  I have a home & family to take care of, I get sick, my family gets sick, I have friends & relatives, I like to read, to paint, etc etc etc.

So I’m publicly putting it out there: I really want to knit more, I really want to blog about it. I’m going to try hard to do both, but you know ….life.

Here’s what I did this week:

I watched 2 Craftsy classes! (I have enrolled in lots of Craftsy classes and watched bits of each but I’m determined to work my way through them from start to finish).

I watched the Stephen West Shawlscapes class. Looking at the reviews I was a bit worried but here’s the review I left on the course:

“After reading a number of 1 & 2 star reviews I was hesitant to take this course.

However I am so glad I did!

Yes Stephen does show a lot of his shawls BUT that is to demonstrate the techniques that he is discussing.

Do not take this course if you are expecting to be led step by step through a new Stephen West design. Do take it if you want to learn some of his tips & tricks and get ideas on designing your own shawls.

Definitely recommended for the knitter who is not afraid to experiment and step out on their own.”

The second class I watched was Gwen Bortner’s How To Teach It.  Another excellent class.

My review:

” This class contained more information than I realised when I enrolled. I only wish I had done the class before teaching my first class!

There is quite a lot of information and some great tips. Gwen is an excellent teacher who gets her message across well. She manages to cover the key areas and provides a great range of downloadable material as well.

If you are considering teaching or are a shop owner looking at holding classes in your store, I’d say do this class.”

I also really enjoyed Gwen’s style so much that I have since enrolled in her other class, Entrelac Knitting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And off the needles was my version of Jane Thornley’s RoGUE WAVE WRAP. I love this style of knitting – grab any yarn, follow some of the instructions and then let the yarn lead you.  It’s also a great way to combine a heap of yarns.

rogue wave rogue wave rogue wave rogue wave