I’m Grey – Get over It

Long time readers will know that I did attempt ditching the hair dye some time ago  but I obviously wasn’t ready & resorted to the bottle again. Last year (September 21st to be exact) right after forking out a small fortune to have my hair cut & coloured I made the decision not to do it (colour) again.
Here’s where I’m at now.

grey hair


I’m loving the new (natural) colour & am a bit impatient for it to grow some more so I can get the dyed ends cut off.

Here’s the look I’m aiming for.

long grey hair                                                    (photo from http://lancelappinsalon.com/beautiful-women-with-gray-hair/)

 However not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Recently I ran into a friend who gushed over my new colour but then, (after I assured her it did not come out of a bottle & I was indeed embracing my silvers) suggested how it would look even better with some nice highlights added. Grrr…no.