Knit The Stash

I’ve recently reorganised my craft room and this means I got to see exactly how much yarn I have in bags and tubs.

So……… I’ve decided to try & knit the stash. I also have many projects still unfinished and I really need to free up some needles.  Sound just like a regular knitter don’t I?

With this in mind, my plan is to try & finish up some of those WIPs (especially the cardigan that just needs a buttonband and is the perfect weight for the cooler weather we have been getting occasionally) and, wherever possible, to knit from stash. I’ll also be selecting yarn from my stash & then trying to find a suitable pattern. If not, then it’s up for sale.

First on the needles is Knicknack by Norah Gaughan. The original was knit in one colour but I’ve decided to go for a multi colour version. First, I found some Mad Tosh Sport in Mansfield Garden Party (a variegated yarn in green, pink & gold tones) in the stash. Then it was just a matter of adding colours that played nicely with it. That’s the Mad Tosh there on the left in the skein & wound into a ball peeking out of the plastic bag. All stash yarns, yay! The Rowan Kidsilk Spray (deep pink/red in the centre) is quite a bit finer than the other yarns but I’m just using it double.

Paddywack yarns


It’s knitting up fairly quickly. I’ve done the front, the front neck, cast off for the armholes and am starting to get stitches back on for the back neckline.

Here’s how it was looking at the beginning:


Paddywack knit


Hopefully there’ll be lots more knit-the-stash knitting to show you.