Time For Tea

This has been my super secret project for the last few months.


Large Daffy


The Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina is currently hosting an exhibition called Portraits of a Tea Cosy by Loani Prior and Mark Crocker, from July 16 to August 24.

“This national travelling exhibition showcases 40 of Mark Crocker’s stunning photographic portraits of individuals with their tea cosy; and also stars twenty of Loani Prior’s exuberant tea cosies with marvelously quirky names such as ‘Sleeveless in Seattle’ and ‘All Form and No Function’.”

To promote the exhibition I was asked to ‘yarn bomb’ 3 of the palm trees in the garden of the gallery, taking my inspiration from Loani’s tea cosies.



It was great fun to knit giant daffodils and  add large pom poms and fringes to my knitting, but it WAS difficult to keep quiet about the project and I may have just told a couple of people.

sleeveless in Ballina

The first weekend of the exhibition Loani was in town and I took part in a 2 day workshop that she held. 2 days of fun and knitting and food! What’s not to love. I got to sit and knit with Loani and 3 local ladies.


And here are our fabulous tea cosies!

The Ballina Tea Cosies

If you’re in the area don’t forget to check out the exhibition: knitting, photography, story telling, fun & colour. (you’ll never look at a naked tea pot the same way again)