Quota Craft Fair 2014

I have a 30 minute drive to work and then 30 minutes back home again, 5 times a week. Rather than listen to the radio I use this time to catch up on podcasts that I subscribe to. These are mostly knitting podcasts – no surprise there. One thing that nearly all these podcasts have in common is a “What’s On The Needles Section” where they talk about what they’ve been knitting during the week. I like how I can follow their progress, learn about new patterns that I might want to knit and it also has the effect of making them accountable in some way. After all, they told me they had cast on, so what’s happened to that particular project, did it get put aside, are there any issues, is it completed and cast off?

Now, I’m someone who may or may not have in excess of 20 WIPs (that’s Works In Progress) – yep, that means lots (& lots) of little bags & baskets laying around or stashed in cupboards and lots of needles that are not free. And it seems that most weeks I cast on something new.

Time to be accountable.

My plan is to check in here regularly & make a note of what I’ve been knitting on during the week. You guys can keep me in check, leave a comment if I haven’t mentioned a project in a while, ask what’s happening with that shawl, jumper, hat I cast on months ago, let’s see if I can get some knitting done & get some projects completed! I’m going to keep a tally for the month of projects completed and projects cast on.

This week started with the annual Quota Art, Craft & Garden Fair held in Alstonville. I think it’s been running for something like 14 years but this was only my second. Always a great weekend. What’s not to love about being surrounded by lovely yarns and chatting to people who understand my passion ( & who open their wallets to buy some yarn as well). I can’t believe that I forgot to get a pic of my set up but it was very similar to last year.


Quota Fair

So, for something like this I needed an easy knit, nothing where I had to concentrate too much on a pattern or worry about counting rows & stitches. I needed something that I could put down quickly to attend to customers and also something to show off some of the yarns that I was selling. I opted for the banana fibre – this turned out to be a good choice as I had so many people asking about the fibre, “did it really come from bananas?” was a common question. I used 5 colours and this really highlighted how well banana fibre takes up dye – the colours just glow!

Banana Fibre shawl

I’d actually started a couple of days earlier so that I could get into the pattern (a basic top down triangle shawl) and have something on the needles to start with. After the first day it was finished and is now listed in my etsy shop if you’re interested), so I needed another project for the second day.

Boho shawl

I decided on a bottom up, tank top, knit in the round using the Recycled Photon Rainbow sport-weight recycled silk yarn.

Recycled Photon Rainbow


A bit of garter stitch at the bottom then just knit… a great project to work on during a craft fair. This one is still on the needles, although I did add a few more rows during the week.


September totals:

Cast on: 2   (banana shawl, silk tank)

Completed: 1    (banana shawl)

Ripped: 0