The Week That Was

Every evening I knit. I’m the sort of person who has to have my hands occupied. I find it difficult to just sit and watch TV and I think this is why I rarely go to the movies.

So you’d think I’d have lots of hand-knits to wear wouldn’t you? …. Um, no. I guess the reason is twofold. I do give away or sell a lot of what I make. The other reason is that I don’t finish everything I start. Shocking I know! All you other knitters & crocheters finish everything you start, don’t you?

So, what have I been working on this week.

I’ve added a few more rounds to the tank top in Recycled Photon Rainbow. I think I’m on my second skein. This is worked from the bottom up in the round.

silk tank


I subscribe to the SweaterBabe newsletter and have been going to knit a couple of her designs for a while now. She amazes me how she can keep bringing out new designs so frequently. Recently she announced a Mystery KAL – a one or two skein scarf. Yes I signed up (I think I was lured by the offer of it being free for a limited time). This week the first clue was released so I’ve cast on and have knit the first section. It was only 23 rows so it didn’t take too long, although it IS knit in mohair which I find a bit tricky (& I’m hoping I won’t have to rip back along the way). I’m using Debbie Bliss Angel in a gorgeous purple. No pictures of the scarf yet in case others are playing along. If you’re curious to see the design just check out the spoiler thread in her Ravelry group.

Debbie Bliss

Last month I attended a workshop held by Loani Prior in conjunction with her Portrait of a Tea Cosy exhibition at the local art gallery. During the workshop Loani taught me to double knit and I was really taken by her Window Pane scarf. You can find the pattern on her website and it’s also in her latest book. I made a comment about having the scarf started & finished so I could show her at the next craft fair in Brisbane – months away I thought, heaps of time. I ordered the yarn and then it sat. After all I had so much time. Um no, the craft fair is on in early October, I have about 4 weeks to get this knit and blocked. Probably not going to happen, but I decided last night that I had at least better cast on & see if I can remember how to do this double knitting stuff.


I’m using Noro Silk Garden Light in 2 colours – in colourway 2092 & 2038. I started out using the needles recommended but found the fabric I was getting on the 6mm was too uneven and the gauge was too open for my liking. I remember that I had this problem during the workshop too. I’ve gone down to a 5mm and it’s much better but, to be honest, I really don’t know if I like it. The colours aren’t doing much for me but there is a colour change coming up (love Noro for that) so I’ll keep going for now. (I’m also concerned about the drape, especially as I went down a couple of needle sizes)



September totals

Cast on: 4       (banana shawl, silk tank, Mystery scarf KAL, double knit scarf)

Completed: 1       (banana shawl)

Ripped: 0