2 Off The Needles This Week!

Another successful knitting week. This being accountable and blogging about the projects I’m working on seems to be having the desired effect.

This week I knit a little bit more of the Recycled Photon Rainbow Silk Tank (not a lot as other projects held my interest). I divided for the armholes and am now knitting flat for the back and front. I should get it out this weekend as I could probably finish it in an afternoon session.

tank top

The Window Pane double knit scarf got a few more rows added. I’m still not sure how I feel about this one. I think it’s the lack of drape I’m getting, but I’ll keep going for now and see how it’s looking with a bit of extra length/weight. No way it will be done by the Brisbane Craft Fair on October 8.

Noro scarf

Lately I’ve been catching up on the Aussie Yarning podcast with Joyce. She has been talking about her Sock Yarn blanket for a while now so I finally took a look & I love it! So much so that I cast on during the week and like Joyce keeps saying, it is really addictive – just one more square, just one more square. The yellow is a provisional cast on that will eventually be removed so an I-cord binding can be added.

sock blanket square 1

I’m keen to get enough squares done for the width so then I can start joining it together on the next row – then it really will be a blanket in the making and not just a pile of squares.

I’m OK about casting on a new project though because this week I (insert drum roll here) completed 2 projects!!! Yay me!!

The first only needed buttons. Can you believe it! It’s been sitting waiting for a couple of months just for buttons. Admittedly I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to finish it because it’s a bit small. I have been losing weight so hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s a better fit.

Crazy Fox

This is the Kaleidoscope pattern by Sarah Sutherland. It is knit in  Crazy Zauberball in the Crazy Little Fox colourway.

My other completed project, nicknamed the cardigan of a thousand buttons, was based on the Seamless Yoke Cardigan pattern by Ann Budd and inspired by the Garter Yoke Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre.

top down sweater

I used Cascade 220 for the body of the sweater and Noro Kureyon for the yoke. I added some ribbing around the waist to pull it in and hopefully add the illusion of me having some waist shaping. My poor mannequin is a bit under nourished so the cardi just hangs on her (it also needs blocking).

garter yoke

So a good productive knitting week. It feels good to finish a couple of things. I’m going to see what else is nearly completed and try to get some more finished items.

How about you? Finish or start any projects this week?

September totals

Cast on: 5       (banana shawl, silk tank, Mystery scarf KAL, double knit scarf, sock yarn blanket)

Completed: 3       (banana shawl, Crazy or Foxy Cardigan, Garter Yoke cardigan)

Ripped: 0