1. a person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck.

2. a condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.

I was beginning to wonder if my yarn could be jinxed. Not all my yarn, just this one particular ball that I had bought in a Ravelry de-stash thread. After all it WAS someone else’s cast off, they didn’t want it – there was obviously something wrong with it then, wasn’t there?


I originally bought this yarn to take part in a knitalong, but after posting my yarn pics the designer suggested that perhaps this yarn wouldn’t be suitable due to the long colour repeats. Not a problem, I’d just used a different yarn and I’d keep this one for another project.

It’s not the softest yarn, you can probably tell by looking at the photo that it is quite “rustic” in it’s characteristics – except the colour. That colour was the reason I’d bought this yarn. I’d seen it made up in other people’s projects – it was stunning!

Kauni cropped

The next project where I thought it might be suitable was a Mystery KAL – always a danger! I had not taken part in this designers last Mystery KAL & the end projects were stunning & it looked like it had been a fun knit along the way. OK I was in!

Uh oh, I was hating it, not the yarn but the knitting. So I ripped it out.

Maybe this yarn WAS jinxed. An unloved yarn from someone else’s stash, 2 failed projects ………… I started to think that maybe I should cut my losses and get rid of it.

Then, I found the Sock Yarn blanket. Still not ideal for this yarn – I won’t be making the most of it’s gorgeous long colour repeats but it has found a home in my knitting and it’s a keeper.

kauni square

Have you ever had a yarn that was “jinxed”?