As A Seamstress I’m A Great Knitter

Yes, seamstress ……. or is it sewist? Writing sewer never looks right, “one who sews” (or attempts to anyway).

Another new project this week, but it’s sewing so doesn’t really count in my keeping accountable tally.

I’ve decided to start sewing some of my own clothes after stumbling across the patterns of Tina Givens. I’m starting with one of her freebies, the Bloom Dress and have chosen a cotton voile in a rather vibrant purple – not my first choice, but between the 2 big box stores that was about it. So far I have printed out the pattern, taped it together, cut it out, then cut out my fabric (which I washed and ironed) and I’ve started putting it together. Hopefully next week I’ll get it finished and have a picture to share.

What’s on the needles this week?

I finished clue 2 of the SweaterBabe Mystery KAL. Yes clue 3 is out so I better hurry up.

The reason the Mystery KAL is not keeping up is because of the sock yarn blanket – this thing is so addictive. I am working quite a bit on this project because I’d like to get row 2 complete – this means that all the squares I knit for row 1 will also be joined up (I have about 4 to go).


A few more rows have been done on the Recycled Photon Rainbow silk tank. I’m hoping to have this finished very soon.

The new cast on for this week is from the latest Koigu newsletter – the T-shirt Pullover. Basically it is 7 skeins of Koigu, a block shape top and it is knit flat in pieces using intarsia. I’ve just wound the yarn into balls and have cast on. I was unsure what size to make as the gauge for the pattern is different to that recommended on the yarn and doing the math for the finished measurements didn’t add up either. I’m taking a gamble by casting on for the small. Fingers crossed it will be ok.

September totals

Cast on: 6       (banana shawl, silk tank, Mystery scarf KAL, double knit scarf, sock yarn blanket, Koigu T-shirt Pullover)

Completed: 3       (banana shawl, Crazy or Foxy Cardigan, Garter Yoke cardigan)

Ripped: 0