Maybe I Should Stick To Knitting


My sewing project is done…. and I may be done with sewing. My finished Bloom dress is “ok”. OK in that it sort of looks like the picture. Perhaps it would be more flattering if I styled it and added extra layers – which is how it is designed to be worn. But for now it is too big across my shoulders and hangs off to one side. I also had “issues” with adding the binding, especially around the front split turn, so that area is really messy looking. I made the size small (I’m normally a medium in clothes, tending to large). This was the smallest size offered for this pattern. I think I will have a go at another of her designs (as I really like the layered look) but may opt for the XS where it’s available.

Bloom dress


Knitting has seen some ripped, some cast on and one cast off. A productive week I think.

I pulled out an old WIP, the Speck Butterfly Shrug from The Loom. I started this almost 12 months ago after seeing the shrug & purchasing the yarn at a local craft fair. As the weather is warming up I thought it might be nice to have this finished to wear over sleeveless tank tops or sleeveless dresses. A couple of inches added during the week and then I realised that I didn’t like the fabric, it was too uneven (most likely due to the yarn knit at this particular gauge) and I wasn’t prepared to spend the time doing miles of stockinette just to see if blocking would even things out at the end. So I ripped it out and the yarn went back into my stash.


I also worked on the Koigu T-shirt Pullover – this is going to be one of those projects that hangs around for quite a while. It’s not a portable project and it’s fine yarn.

The Sock Yarn Blanket got some love. I finished enough squares to get row one joined (so 2 rows complete) and I started the I-cord edging.

Off the needles this week is the silk tank knit from Darn Good Yarn Recycled Photon Rainbow Sportweight. 2.5 hanks of yarn on 5 mm needles. There are details on my project page  on Ravelry.

photon tank

silk top
























I like that it is reversible so that you can choose what colours to have on your upper body.

2 new projects this week. One I can’t reveal for a while (secret knitting, ssh!).

The other is the Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli. I was lucky enough to score one of the Speckled Worsted Boxy kits that Kristen from Skein Yarn dyed up. The colourway I have is Rainbow Beach which is quite a pale yarn with gorgeous speckles of colour. I’ll add some pics in a future update.


September totals

Cast on: 8       (banana shawl, silk tank, Mystery scarf KAL, double knit scarf, sock yarn blanket, Koigu T-shirt Pullover, secret knitting, Worsted Boxy)

Completed: 4       (banana shawl, Crazy or Foxy Cardigan, Garter Yoke cardigan, silk tank)

Ripped: 1  (Speck shrug)