October? Really

So, it’s the 11th of October. Don’t know how that happened. I seemed to have missed a week in my blogging schedule of being accountable.

I’ve done a quick check of all my WIPs/unfinished projects and it’s scary. So……I think it might be best if I don’t cast on anything new until I have finished up 2 current projects – at least until I get the number down a bit. By “finishing up” I mean off the needles, so frogging a project will also count. The one exception to this is I have a shop sample I want to get done, so I may cast that on in the next week or so.

This week I have frogged. I ended up ripping out the double knitted scarf. I wasn’t happy with the look & feel of the fabric it was making so that yarn can go into my stash to become something I will enjoy making.

I’ve been working on:

  • my Worsted Boxy using the Skein speckle dyed yarn. I went on a bus trip to Brisbane to the craft fair so got a lot of knitting done on this. It’s great social knitting at the moment, just round & round, knit stitch for 17 inches.
  • I’ve done quite a bit of my secret project. I’m hoping to get this completed over the weekend so I can block it.
  • I also worked on a project that is getting close to completion but has been languishing for a while. (I’m dreading dealing with all the ends when I DO finish). It is my Paddywack (AKA Knicknack by Norah Gaughan). The original is in one colour but I was inspired by PassionToCreate’s version on Ravelry and am going with multi colours/yarns.


  • I also knit some more mitred diamonds for my Sock Yarn Blanket. My “jinxed” yarn from a previous post may well be jinxed. No, that’s not fair. It’s just not suitable for this blanket and neither are a couple of Noro yarns that I tried. These yarns are all what I call a rustic yarn, ie. they are single ply yarns and are thick & thin. Because the blanket is modular construction I have to pick up stitches from adjoining diamonds. It’s not easy to do with these yarns and I’m also worried about their strength for this type of project. I won’t be removing the 3 squares I’ve already done but I’ve removed these yarns from the project bag. (the yellow is the provisional cast on & the red is the I-cord edging that will be added all the way around the blanket.

purple Noro brown Noro












I’ve decided that the ideal yarn for the blanket is a smooth sock yarn with high twist, something like Koigu. I’ve been buying some mini skeins from etsy to supplement my current supply.

I mentioned that I went up to the craft fair this week. While I was there I picked up this book. I’ve just started reading it, so will let you know what I think later (although at first glance I’m impressed).


I’ve added a few yarns and some garments to my etsy store this week. You can click on the link in the side bar or just go here.


October totals

Cast on: 0

Completed: 0

Ripped: 1 (double knit scarf)


Grand Total (September 2014 – current)

Cast on: 8

Completed: 4

Ripped: 2