Chevron Baby

Such a good feeling to cast something off! This week I finished the secret knitting. It’s been gifted so I can now post photos and reveal all.

I knit the Chevron Baby Blanket by Purl Soho for my co-worker who is expecting in a few weeks. Because I don’t know the sex of the baby I went with the original colourway. I like that it has some unexpected (for baby) colours including the charcoal and the chartreuse. With cotton yarn held double it’s soft and squishy.

chevron baby baby

I’ve also been knitting on my Worsted Boxy and it’s nearly finished. I’ve knit the body, separated for the front & the back, completed the front and just about to start the shoulder shaping for the back. That will leave the neckband and the sleeves.

This week I realised that I probably need a lightweight little cardi/shrug/shawl for an upcoming event. The dress I am wearing is sleeveless & I’m of the age where I prefer some cover on my upper arms. Originally I was thinking of a gorgeous shawl but didn’t want to have to worry about keeping it on and in the right position. A little cardi may end up looking too “granny” with the dress; so after searching Ravelry I’ve decided on the SoleMio shrug by Birgit Freyer.  Laceweight in black means I can only knit this during the day. At this time I have less than 3 weeks to get it done. Thankfully it’s an easy pattern (so far) and is working up fairly quickly on size 4mm needles. I’m making sure I’m using lifelines too!

What are you working on this week?

October totals

Cast on: 1 (SoleMio)

Completed: 1 (Chevron baby blanket)

Ripped: 1 (double knit scarf)


Grand Total (September 2014 – current)

Cast on: 9

Completed: 5

Ripped: 2