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Episode 3 – with jingle!


FOs (finished objects):

No FOs this week.

WIPs (works in progress):

half pi

Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer

Love Blooms by Christine Jones

Love Blooms


Dingo Tails


Sticks + Twine video podcast

Skein video podcast

A Homespun House video podcast

Pink Hair Girl Knits video podcast

Twitch & Stitch video podcast

Yarngasm video podcast

Stash and Burn audio podcast

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur audio podcast


Rebecca Legwarmers


Winterlight KAL


Rebecca – The Last Leg

We’re on the home stretch now!

Knit 1 round green.

Knit 1 round green, increasing 4 sts (76 sts).

Knit 1 round blue.

Knit 1 round blue, increasing 4 sts (80 sts).

Next 21 rounds, follow the Flower Chart:

flower chart

Then continue as follows:

Knit 1 round blue.

Knit 4 rounds dark pink.

Knit 3 rounds yellow.

Using purple: *k2tog, yo* repeat from * to * to end of round.

Knit 3 rounds purple.

Knit 1 round red.

Work 5 rounds of double rib (k2, p2) in red.

Bind off!

Rebecca Flowers

Make 4  3-stitch I-cords, each a different colour, each a different length (they need to be long enough to go around your leg and have extra length for tying and threading through the flowers).

(don’t know how to knit an I-cord? Check out this link)

Thread 2 cords through the holes you made in the purple round at the top of each legwarmer. Alternate the cords (see pictures).

Rebecca back

Make a crochet or knitted flower to go on the end of each I-cord. (there are plenty to choose from on this website .  I didn’t follow a pattern but did something like this:

chain about 8-10 & join in a circle, double crochet into the circle (about 10-12), 3 or 4 triple crochet into each space (the more stitches here, the more ruffled it will be)

My flowers had a hole in the centre that let me thread the I-cord though and simply knotted it. To stop the flower moving along the cord I stitched it into place.


Rebecca crochet flower





Rebecca bouquet

I do hope you’ve enjoyed knitting your legwarmers! Please share your photos with me (send me the link to your Ravelry project page, post the pics on the Facebook page, or send me an email)


Rebecca – It’s zigzag time!

Using red, knit 2 rounds, increasing 2 stitches in the last round (72sts)

Commence Rainbow Zigzag:

Round 1 : *k9, slip 2 tog, k1, pass slipped stitch over * repeat till end of round

Round 2: *k1, p4, (k1, yo, k1) in next stitch, p4* repeat till end of round

Repeat these last 2 rounds with each colour (red, pink, purple, yellow, blue, orange, bright purple, green, dark pink)



Change to yellow & knit 5 rows.

Using red & purple work vertical zigzags from chart:

zigzag chart


Rebecca – back to knitting

Embroidery done? What did you think? Is this a technique you would use again?

For now it’s back to the knitting needles as we work on the next section of the legwarmers.



Using red as A and blue as B knit 3 rounds as follows:

Round 1: *K1 A, K1 B*  repeat to end of round

Round 2: *K1 B, K1 A* repeat to end of round

Round 3: as round 1

Change colours to pink and yellow.

Round 1: (pink) knit, decreasing 2 sts (70sts)

Round 2: (pink) *K2, P1, K1, P1* repeat till end

Round 3: (yellow) *K5, (slip 1 with yarn in back, k1)twice, slip 1 with yarn in back* repeat till end

Round 4: (yellow) *(slip 1 with yarn in back, P1)twice, slip 1 with yarn in back, P5* repeat till end

Round 5: (pink) knit

Round 6: (pink) *(K1, P1)twice, K1, P5* repeat till end

Round 7: as row 3

Round 8: as round 4

Round 9: as round 5

Round 10: as round 6

Round 11: as round 3

Round 12: as round 4

Round 13: (pink) knit

Round 15: (yellow) *(slip 1 with yarn in back, k1)twice, slip 1 wyib, k5* repeat till end of round

Round 16: (yellow) *p5, (slip 1 wyib, k1) twice, slip 1 wyib* repeat till end

Round 17: (pink) knit

Round 18: (pink) *p5, (k1, p1)twice, k1* repeat until end of round

Round 19: as round 15

Round 20: as round 16

Round 21: as round 17

Round 22: as round 18

Round 23: as round 15

Round 24: as round 16

Happy Knitting!

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