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Some Notes on Knitting Your Legwarmers

I hope you’ve decided to knit along with me & create your very own Rebecca legwarmers. You’ll be thinking about yarns & colours and getting everything ready.

crochet flowers

First a couple of hints/tips.

You don’t need to have the same 9 colours that my original Rebecca legwarmers had. I’ll be knitting along with you & I’m using leftover DK wool from other projects. You could choose 20 colours or 2 – totally up to you. However the instructions I give will refer to the original colours – this just makes it easier to see where we are up to when looking at the photos.

The gauge given on the Ravelry pattern page is just a guide. (I had to enter something – Ravelry insists). The gauge will differ with each new stitch pattern & may also be different from mine depending upon your yarn choice & your individual tension. As long as you’re happy with how it looks & as long as the legwarmers fit around the legs they are intended for – that’s all that matters. Try them on as you knit, stitches are added as we progress up the leg –  if you need to add more just make sure that it is a multiple of the stitches used in the pattern.

If you are a member of Ravelry could you please start a project page for your legwarmers & link them to the pattern page. This will make it easier for me to see everyone’s projects and for other Ravelry members who might be interested in knitting their own to be inspired by yours.

When I knit my legwarmers I knit both legs at the same time. So, I had 2 sets of needles and when I cast on & knit the rib on the first leg, I cast on & did the rib for the second leg. Then I knit the green & blue section of the first leg, then the green & blue section of the second leg; and so on. This worked for me (no second sock syndrome) but you may prefer to knit one whole leg first.

I suggest that you weave in ends as you complete a section. That way you won’t be left with 100s of ends to deal with at the end.

I’ll see you back here in a couple of days and then we can get started!

Gather Your Supplies

Rebecca Legwarmers


The legwarmers I designed & knit for the Nundle Woollen Mills competition have returned home! I’ve had a lot of interest in publishing the pattern but for now (as it is untested and in one size only) I have decided to release it in bite size pieces here on the blog…..and you can knit along every week.

So first off you need to gather your supplies. The original Rebecca legwarmers were knit in a feltable wool, which worked OK. However, if I were to knit them again I would probably choose a superwash wool (and maybe a more tightly spun yarn). I used 9 colours (which was required for the competition), you may decide to use less colours or even more! …it’s up to you.

9 colours

Rebecca is knit in the round on a circular needle – you can use  a small circular, a large circular (& knit using the magic loop method), knit on dpns or ……?

So gather your supplies ready to cast on. You will need:

4mm needles for the rib, 4.5mm needles for the main ‘body’ of Rebecca.

900 metres of DK yarn. (I used 9 different colours of Nundle Collection Feltable Wool, 100m/50gm ball). You could also use the Touch Yarns Merino 8ply or Biggan Design 8ply

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