And Another Thing…

The majority of my bags have some beads on them, usually a flower centre, or something similar. So, like a visit to a great yarn store, I also enjoy bead stores! The best are the ones that sell in bulk and have the beads in open tubs. This way you can put your hand in, let them run through your fingers, see how they look against your skin, hold them up to the light….This necklace was the first I made. I love the way the different colours show in the hanging leaves as you move & the light hits them. These leaf beads are gold, green, blue, ruby, brown..depending on the angle of the light.
Just thought I had better add..I’m not that flat chested (took me a while to figure out what was wrong with this pic), it is my son that was kindly modelling for me!


This bag was a commissioned piece; luckily, or she would never have been created. Never would I have voluntarily made a pink bag but I love it! I was soo pleased with how Barbie turned out that I will definitely be making another.


This bag, Mocha, is one of my favs. It is the type of bag that you can carry to show your individuality without it screaming “look at me!!” Lots of texture and it just wants to be touched.
When creating one of these bags I have a minimum of 4 ‘plain’ yarns and 4 ‘fancy’ yarns; but the more the merrier.

No Van Gogh

Like most people who love craft I have dabbled in lots of different things over the years, always returning to my knitting. I think because it is so tactile, esp in recent years with all the fabulous yarns becoming available.
Anyway, last year I enrolled in a 4 week adult education class in watercolour. This picture shows the result of my efforts in the pen & wash class. Unfortunately the flash is reflecting off the glass. Yes! it did get framed…..a friend of mine thought it was worthy and it now hangs in her home.
I am definitely no Van Gogh but there is something very relaxing about applying colour to paper and I think it all helps with the design, balance & colour in my other creative endeavours. So, next week I am going back for another 6 weeks……..

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