Solar Phoenix

My latest design is Solar Phoenix. This shawl came about as I was looking for a heavier weight shawl that would be cosy to wrap up in but still be stylish in appearance.

It’s a DK weight shawl knit from the top down. There is an easy lace panel down the centre of the shawl to keep things interesting and it’s finished with an applied border.  Being DK weight it knits up quickly.

Solar Phoenix is now available for immediate download on Ravelry.

On The Road – testing a new blogging app

Seems my last post was way back in May so I’m going to try something new. I usually blog on my home computer which I realise I’ve been using less & less so I downloaded the blogging app for ipad and will see how that goes. So for now I will be trying to blog more frequently but probably shorter posts, on the ipad. At the moment I am away for the weekend and in the car waiting for the rest of the family, so let’s see how this goes.

Last week I released my latest design, Solar Phoenix, which is a DK weight crescent shawl. Hopefully there will be some more projects added to the pattern page as the last 2 testers finish up.

2 for 1

After admitting to my numerous WIPs last week I’ve decided that the best way to get through them all and still enjoy a new project every now & again is to “allow” myself to cast on one new project for every 2 WIPs that I complete/frog.


Finished Objects this week (technically I think 2 were off the needles last time):

I finally got some buttons for the girl’s pastel rainbow cardi.

Pastel Rainbow


pastel flowers


I got the buttons in a pack from Spotlight.

The Noro vest has been blocked. This is a Drops pattern, “Take Me To Spain”.

Noro vest


The third FO is Tequila Sunrise, knit in a gradient yarn from Purple Fleece. The pattern is a combination of Morgentau (for the main body) and the edging from Lavish Cape.

Tequila Sunrise

3 finished objects – does that mean I can cast on 1 and a half new projects??

Only one new cast on this week: The Joker and The Thief.

I’m using yarn that was custom dyed for me by Ozifarmer’s Market.

Joker & Thief



This week I worked on the Everly Vest by Patricia Breakstone, using a 100% llama yarn by Fibras Andinas that I received in a kickstarter. Gorgeous soft yarn with the best labels.

llama yarn

I also worked a few more rows on Milano by Carol Sunday.

My Feather and Cloud cardi by Veera Välimäki is undergoing some ‘refreshing’. I decided that the 3/4 sleeves really don’t suit when I have long limbs – it just looks like my sleeves are too short. So I’ve frogged the ribbed cuffs and added more length to each sleeve – 7″ in total.

Video podcast this week is Nathan Taylor, the Sockmatician.

I’m Loving Video Podcasts

These last few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of video podcasts, or are they vodcasts? I love them! I’m tempted to do one myself.

The thing I like most about video podcasts is that it is so easy for the host to show what they have been knitting, what’s off the needles, what’s on the needles, what they are planning to knit etc. Whereas a written blog takes time – there are pictures to be taken, and words to arrange.

Although I have been tempted, I won’t be doing a video podcast just yet….but I’d like to follow a similar format in my blogging : finished items, works in progress, etc.

So here goes.

Just lately I feel that I have been knitting up a storm. I am not a monogamous knitter and I probably have around 20 projects on the needles. (don’t judge me)

Recently though I have been somewhat monogamous and have actually been finishing some things.

Vary The Gate by Casapinka was cast off at the end of March. It’s a great pattern for using that skein of highly variegated yarn as it has slipped stitches that help stop the flashing and pooling of colours – although it still occurred in a few places.

Vary the Gate closeup


Vary the Gate worn

Vary the gate drape


















I knit mine in Artyarns Ensemble Light which is a 50% cashmere/ 50% silk DK weight yarn – very soft and luxurious feeling.

Next off the needles was Liminal by Petra Breakstone, knit in Berroco Mica, another DK weight yarn, this time in 31% Cotton, 26% Silk, 23% Nylon, 20% Linen. This yarn has a lovely feel but was a pain to knit with – so slinky – it was difficult to weave in the ends. I’m still thinking about picking up the stitches under the bust, in the round, and knitting down to make this more of a top. What do you think?




Liminal 2


2 other projects are finished but not yet blocked and photographed (Morgentau & a Drops pattern, number 129-15).

Currently being worked on is Milano by Carol Sunday. I bought the kit for this ages ago (which came in its own project bag) and have finally wound all the skeins and cast on. The yarn is a gorgeous 75% Merino, 25% Angora sportweight blend that is super soft & a delight to work with – although the fine gauge and oversize design mean it will take for ever! (but I can just imagine how comfy and snuggly warm this will be when I do get it finished).


And the video podcast I’ve been watching most this month? I recently discovered the Pink Hair Girl podcast and have been catching up on the past episodes. Pink Hair Girl is Sally-Jane who lives in South Africa, she’s married to the Geek and she homeschools their children (who also knit!).