You may have noticed some changes to the website. For a number of reasons Yarn About Yarn is no longer an online store, it will be returning to its former state as a blog. Patterns are still available for download via Ravelry. Any yarns, accessories and ready to wear items can be found in the etsy store (which can be accessed by clicking on the shop button in the menu).

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The Fate of Yarn About Yarn


I have been having some serious doubts as to whether Yarn About Yarn would continue as a store. I’ve been unable to get new stock on the shelves for a while now. My desire to bring quality yarns to Australia is just not feasible when the Australian dollar is so poor against other currencies, particularly the US dollar. Not only are products more expensive for me to buy but the shipping costs to get them here have skyrocketed. This means that the end price I am charging becomes even higher.

I’ve absorbed some of the extra costs but all this means is that there is very little profit. Any profits I get are put back into the business, so less profit = less stock.

But I love my little store and love the interaction with my customer, so for now the store remains open. I’ve bit the bullet, so to speak, and am pleased to say that a few new products will be arriving this year.

First up I’m trialing a new range of shawl pins handcrafted in India. You’ll find them in the accessories section of the shop. Let me know what you think.

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If you’ve been reading my blog or the Yarn About Yarn facebook page for for a while then you’ll know I’m a big Craftsy fan. I don’t know how many of their classes I have enrolled in (lots) and have not been disappointed yet. And once enrolled then you’ll own the class forever, watch the classes when it suits you, pause and rewind, add video notes, ask questions. If you’re not sure then try one of their free classes. This weekend is a great time to buy a class though as many are up to 50% off.

And there’s not only classes in knitting and crochet. You’ll find classes in cooking, sewing, gardening, woodworking, drawing, photography, jewellery, paper crafts and lots more.